Do you want your urinary tract to be diagnosed quickly and comfortably? Have your ultrasound being performed 

Do you have problems with urinary tract? Have you experienced severe pain in the lumbar area or you had disturbing changes in the way and appearance of your urine? Ultrasound examination allows a quick and painless diagnosis. 

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MD Waldemar Szabłoński

Klinika Urologii Ogólnej, Onkologicznej
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Ultrasound – essential examination in diagnostics and control of treatment of urinary tract diseases 

We encourage prevention – ultrasound is a short and painless imaging test that can protect against the consequences of downplaying small problems of abnormal functioning of the urinary tract, finally becoming serious ailments.

How the examination goes?


The patient should be properly prepared for the ultrasound, 2 days before the test it is recommended to give up meals that are hard to digest and bloating, and chewing gum should be discontinued on the day of examination. One hour before the ultrasound is extremely important to fill the bladder by drinking about 1.5 l of still water. All previous research results and a list of currently and previously taken medicines should be brought to the visit.


Ultrasound examination in urology involves viewing with a gel lubricated handheld images of the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra and prostate gland. Patient is usually in supine position during the examination, but a doctor could request a change of the position at any time in order to better visualize the examined organ.


Hematuria, haematuria (presence of erythrocytes found in urine)
Observation in the treatment of chronic urological diseases
Recurrent urinary tract infections
 Pain and swalling in the lumbar area, especially in the nature of renal colic (severe, wave pain, accompanied by nausea, vomiting)
Urinary frequency, nocturia, urgency, urinary incontinence, difficulty in starting urination, weakening of the urine stream, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder
Abnormal urine test results and renal parameters (urea, creatinine)

Ultrasound examination is painless and non-invasive, it does not involve the patient's hospitalization. There are no contraindications for this examination.

Check yourself!


About 10% of people will get urine deposits during their lifetime, and ultrasound is the most effective way to confirm the suspicion of kidney stones. 

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The incidence of renal cancer in Poland is 3%, however, more than 25,000 people die per year. The fastest way to detect kidney cancer is to perform urological ultrasound.

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